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Henan Doing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the research and development of large and medium-sized renewable energy environmental protection equipment and a variety of waste recycling equipment for years. We are professional manufacturing enterprise which gather development, design, production, sales, installation and after-sales service in ...

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The price of continuous tyre pyrolysis plant is not a specific figure, but is influenced by...
The waste tire to oil plant can USES the pyrolysis technology to change the high molecular ...
Pyrolysis carbon black is produced by the pyrolysis of tires or plastics as they are conver...
In the ROI analysis, we take the processing capacity as 10T/D, heating fuel is the diesel p...
Waste oil to diesel recycling plant can be convert crude or heavy or waste oil to clean die...
The end products we get from the waste oil to diesel plant is diesel and asphalt,which have...
Waste oil to diesel refinery plant, firstly, we also name it as waste oil distillation plan...
Pyrolysis can be used to convert waste plastic into fuel oil. DOING's pyrolysis reactor ado...
Plastic pyrolysis oil is a new type of renewable energy source extracted from waste plastic...
If you have this investment demand in the near future, the oil production rate of general w...


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500kg waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant and 500kg tyre oil distillation plant were sent to Chile
Yesterday, 500kg waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant and 500kg tyre oil distillation plant were loaded and ready sent to Chile.They were mainly used for academic research at a university in Chile.
1T/D waste oil distillation machine was delivered to Ghana
Last week, 1T waste oil distillation machine had been delivered to Ghana from DOING factory.This small waste oil distillation machine will be used to dispose waste oil produced by machinery on the mine.
Auxiliary equipment of tire recycling plant repurchased by the old customer were delivered to Latvia
In October 2020, the auxiliary equipment of tyre recycling plant purchased by the Latvian customer from DOING has been delivered on time. Auxiliary equipment includE tire crusher and briquette Machine, etc
12 sets 12tons scrap tyre pyrolysis plant sent to Guangxi, China
In early March 2020, DOING company successfully delivered 12 sets 12tons scrap tyre pyrolysis plant to Guangxi, China.This is a project valued by the local government.
500kg mini plastic recycling pyrolysis plant was sent to Guatemala
500kg mini plastic recycling pyrolysis plant was delivered to Guatemala as scheduled yesterday. After further testing, customer will consider purchasing large capacity plastic recycling pyrolysis plant for mass production.
12T/D waste plastic pyrolysis plant was delivered to France
Under the workers' earnest work, 12T/D waste plastic pyrolysis plant finished production on time, and successfully delivery in early September, 2020.
12T waste tyre pyrolysis equipment sent to Latvia
When 12T waste tyre pyrolysis equipment manufacturing completed, it will be shipped to Latvia.Delivery of this waste tyre pyrolysis equipment has been completed at present.
Two sets 12T waste tyre pyrolysis plant sent to Mexico
Our old Mexican client was satisfied with our equipment quality and after-sales service, so he cooperated with us again buying another two sets 12T waste tyre pyrolysis plant.
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Jiangxi, China old customer bought second 12T waste plastic pyrolysis plant to complete the installation
So far, the waste plastic pyrolysis plant first purchased by the customer in Jiangxi in July 2019 is still in good operation, so he contacted us again in March 2020 to purchase another waste plastic pyrolysis plant.
What is the profit of starting a waste tyre pyrolysis business in Pakistan?
Some investors in Pakistan often ask us what is the profit of starting a waste tyre pyrolysis business in pakistan? Next, we will calculate the profit of starting a waste tyre pyrolysis business in pakistan by using income minus cost.
Business plan for waste plastic pyrolysis plant
If you want to do this business of waste plastic pyrolysis plant, you would better to make a plastic pyrolysis business plan which will help you do the project faster and more comprehensively.
Where to buy machine that can convert plastic to oil?
Plastic to fuel plant works on the principles of pyrolysis. Through plastic to fuel plant, waste plastics can be decomposed into small molecular oil gas under the condition of no oxygen at high temperature, then oil gas be cooled down liquid oil through c
Why can you get diesel from waste plastics?
The process of getting diesel from waste plastics is the result of two operations. First, the waste plastic needs to be cracked to obtain a heavy fuel by plastic pyrolysis plant, and then the heavy fuel is further purified and distilled to obtain light fu
What factors affect the price of plastic to oil machine?
Of course, in addition to machine manufacturing materials, pyrolysis reactor design and after-sales service affect the price of plastic to oil machine is the type of plastic to oil machine, processing capacity and other factors, but these are essentially
Is it practical to turn plastic into oil to heat houses?
We know that waste plastics can be turned into oil by pyrolysis technology. The resulting oil can be used as heating fuel. So in some cold areas,it is practical to turn plastic into oil to heat houses.
What are the products of plastic pyrolysis? What are the uses of byproducts?
Waste plastics can be processed by plastic pyrolysis machine to obtain useful main product plastic pyrolysis oil and by-products, such as carbon black, and exhaust gas. So the following, I'll talk about uses of byproducts in more detail.
What is oil from plastic waste and what is the uses of plastic pyrolysis oil?
Currently, the oil from plastic waste is usually referred to plastic pyrolysis oil in the market. This kind of plastic pyrolysis oil is obtained from waste plastics at high temperature by waste plastic to oil plant. It has a wide range of uses in life bec
Is plastic to fuel profitable?
A lot of people want to know whether plastic to fuel is profitable? The answer is yes. We can analyze from the following points:sufficient plastic material,market energy shortage,final products market,payback period.
Is tyre pyrolysis profitable in India?
From the profit analysis, we can clearly see that our India customer can make a profit usd1534 per day from our 10ton capacity batch waste tyre pyrolysis plant, which is very handsome and, if operated well, the investment could be recovered within 6-8mont