75TPD semi-automatic Plastic to oil pyrolysis plant installed in China

Project Case / Chat on line / Give me a price / Date:2024-04-11

In March 2024, the DOING engineer team helped our Chinese customer install 5 sets of 15TPDsemi-automatic waste plastic pyrolysis plant in Gansu Province, China, with daily capacity of 75Tons per day. The waste plastic to oil pyrolysis project is a multiple pyrolysis product lines designed by DOING Company, which is energy-saving and efficient.

semi-automatic plastic pyrolysis plantSemi-automatic plastic to oil pyrolysis plant installed in China project

This marks our second collaboration with our esteemed Chinese partner. Prior to this endeavor, we assisted in establishing a waste plastic pyrolysis project with an annual processing capacity of 30,000 tons in Inner Mongolia, China. The recyclable plastic scrap materials include PP, PE, PS, ABS, paper mill waste, plastic sheets, vehicle bumpers, agricultural films, domestic plastic waste, and plastic cable sheaths. Both waste plastic to oil pyrolysis projects utilize the same process and equipment configuration, featuring 5 sets of 15TPD semi-automatic plastic pyrolysis plant.

Commonly speaking, batch pyrolysis plant processes one furnace of waste plastic per day, semi-automatic machines achieve the efficiency of processing three furnaces in two days. The key enhancements lie in the plastic feeding mechanism and carbon black discharge method. The semi-automatic pyrolysis plant employs a screw conveyor for conveying crushed waste plastic pieces, streamlining the feeding process and reducing labor requirements. Carbon black discharge is facilitated through a water-cooled spiral slag discharge, enabling high-temperature discharge of up to 200°C, compared to batch machines which require the furnace to drop below 50°C for discharge. Consequently, the semi-automatic pyrolysis plant significantly enhances the efficiency of converting waste plastic into oil.

We firmly believe that the semi-automatic plastic pyrolysis project will not only promote the sustainable utilization of waste plastics in Gansu Province but also contribute to the production of valuable alternative fuel resources, thereby generating increased profits.

For setting up the waste plastic to fuel oil pyrolysis projects in Gansu Province, China, Henan Doing Company offers all-around services including project planning, plant design, equipment procurement, installation, commissioning, test runs, and technical training. We are committed to supporting our customers in achieving their corporate objectives. If you are considering establishing waste to fuel pyrolysis plants, please do not hesitate to contact us for detailed information about our advanced pyrolysis plants! We can customize different types of pyrolysis plants with different capacities!