Continuous waste plastic recycling machine

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Continuous waste plastic recycling machine is a significant improvement on the existing intermittent waste plastic recycling machine at home and abroad. This continuous waste plastic recycling machine has a life span of five to six years longer than the intermittent waste plastic recycling machine.

continuous waste plastic recycling machineContinuous waste plastic recycling machine installed

Five advantages of continuous waste plastic recycling machine:

1. Feeding continuous: this continuous waste plastic recycling machine have put forward feed is continuous automatic sealing adopts a special structure of liquid and air propeller to raw material into the continuous reactor, the key technology is also we design the inside the reactor automatically check of oil and gas, absolute protection reaction kettle can be continuous feeding high temperature condition. Only allow material to enter, do not allow air to enter.

2.Slag discharge automation: continuous slag discharge is a key technology, it is related to the real non-stop production of the core technology. Because only continuous discharge can continuous feed; Carefully designed solid phase, liquid phase double safety automatic seal slag discharge device, to ensure that in the high temperature condition of the air partition, achieve uninterrupted slag discharge, so as to achieve the sense of uniform side feed, side slag discharge continuous production.

continuous plastic recycling machineBrand new continuous waste plastic recycling machine

3. Control instrumentation: in order to protect the production operation can be accurate and smooth, the relevant production conditions and key parts are set up the relevant digital instruments, and the data centralized management, greatly accelerate the operation of the controllability, timely processing problems.

4. Full energy saving: this continuous waste plastic recycling machine makes full use of the continuous pyrolysis and continuous production of about 50-100 kg of carbon 1-4 combustible non-condensable dry gas recovery combustion, basically realizing the need of continuous self-heating in production, greatly reducing the production cost.

5. Safe production: the key parts of continuous waste plastic recycling machine are equipped with safety precautions and electronic automatic alarm devices, which can automatically eliminate dangerous situations. At the same time, the heating method of continuous waste plastic recycling machine adopts no-open fire heating method, which can cut off the heating source instantly to ensure the safety of the system.

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