Small waste tyre pyrolysis plant

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When you talk about a waste tyre pyrolysis plant, you might think of it as a big one. In fact, we also have a small waste tyre pyrolysis plant that can be used for testing or handling a small number of tyres. This small waste tyre pyrolysis plant is popular with customers in developed countries, especially the 500kg tyre pyrolysis plant for sale.

waste tyre pyrolysis plantNewly produced small waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Customers unfamiliar with pyrolysis programs or skeptical of the ability of waste tyres and plastics to produce oil will buy small waste tyre pyrolysis plant for testing. Of course, you can also use it to test the oil yield of different materials. For example, the waste tyre pyrolysis plant can deal with materials such as tires, plastics, rubber, etc., but the oil yield of each material is different. If you want to get more profits from these materials, you need to know the oil yield of these materials and then plan your business. Below is the picture of the main components and workflows of the small waste tyre pyrolysis plant. [Related video: Demonstration process for converting waste tyres into fuel oil by a small waste tyre pyrolysis plant]

small tyre pyrolysis plantThe main components and workflows of the small waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Another important function is that you can check the quality of DOING's equipment through this small waste tyre pyrolysis plant, be familiar with the equipment process, and experience the after-sales service of DOING company. For customers who want to expand the project scale, they will experience further purchase of large-scale pyrolysis plant through this purchase.

In addition to the above, DOING's small waste tyre pyrolysis plant also has the following advantages:

1. Container design to facilitate customer transportation;

2. The whole set of equipment does not require customers to spend time on installation, saving time for customers;

3. We have units of 100kg, 300kg, 500kg, 1t, 3t and 5t, which can be customized according to customers' needs.

small waste tyre pyrolysis plantSmall waste tyre pyrolysis plant advantages

In addition, in order to allow the customer to receive a brand new and complete equipment, we use wooden cases in the process of transportation to avoid any damage in the process of transportation.

Currently, we have exported such small waste tyre pyrolysis plant to Australia, Italy, Denmark, Burkina Faso, Mexico, Myanmar, Tunisia and other countries. If you are looking for small waste tyre pyrolysis plant at good cost for sale, please contact Henan Doing Company---a reliable and leading pyrolysis plant manufacturer in China for a quick inquiry!