Re-refined motor oil machine

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Re-refined motor oil machine is used to refine various kinds of used motor oils into diesel-like fuel. Due to its high efficiency in the oil distillation process, our re-refined motor oil machine is very popular with our customers. Just recently we got feedback from our re-fined motor oil machine customer from India that he can put the diesel got from our re-refined motor oil machine in his diesel car directly and the car already run more than 1000km without any problem.

re-refined motor oil machineRe-refined motor oil machine

DOING re-refined motor oil machine can effectively convert used motor oil into useful new energy. The number of cars and trucks will continually increase in the future as it has in the past. With the large number of vehicles on the road, owners of these vehicles must change oil. It is estimated that about half of car owners’ change oil themselves. This adds up to millions of gallons used motor oil that must be disposed of each year. Used motor oil not only contaminates water supplies, it is full of heavy metals, slow to degrade and effects soils and wildlife. Recycling used motor oil gives automobile owners a safe way to dispose of their used oil, which can then be re-refined for automobiles using again or as the industrial heating energy.

used motor oil to dieselMotor oil change

We are a factory specialized in manufacturing re-refined motor oil machine for more than 10 years. The diesel output of our re-refined motor oil machine can be reach 85-90%. We can also provide different solutions to customers on used motor oil refining according to used motor oil quality and customers’ actual situation. The final products of re-refined motor oil machine have a wide range of uses in life:

Diesel oil usage: mainly used for diesel generators, ship, boiler, heavy machinery, etc.

re-refined motor oil machineDiesel oil usage

Currently, we’ve launched our latest re-refined motor oil machine which can make used motor oil more complete catalytic cracking and get better quality diesel. For details of our re-refined motor oil machine, you are welcome to send your inquiry.