Where to buy machine that can convert plastic to oil?
Plastic to fuel plant works on the principles of pyrolysis. Through plastic to fuel plant, waste plastics can be decomposed into small molecular oil gas under the condition of no oxygen at high temperature, then oil gas be cooled down liquid oil through c
Why can you get diesel from waste plastics?
The process of getting diesel from waste plastics is the result of two operations. First, the waste plastic needs to be cracked to obtain a heavy fuel by plastic pyrolysis plant, and then the heavy fuel is further purified and distilled to obtain light fu
What factors affect the price of plastic to oil machine?
Of course, in addition to machine manufacturing materials, pyrolysis reactor design and after-sales service affect the price of plastic to oil machine is the type of plastic to oil machine, processing capacity and other factors, but these are essentially
Is it practical to turn plastic into oil to heat houses?
We know that waste plastics can be turned into oil by pyrolysis technology. The resulting oil can be used as heating fuel. So in some cold areas,it is practical to turn plastic into oil to heat houses.
What are the products of plastic pyrolysis? What are the uses of byproducts?
Waste plastics can be processed by plastic pyrolysis machine to obtain useful main product plastic pyrolysis oil and by-products, such as carbon black, and exhaust gas. So the following, I'll talk about uses of byproducts in more detail.
What is oil from plastic waste and what is the uses of plastic pyrolysis oil?
Currently, the oil from plastic waste is usually referred to plastic pyrolysis oil in the market. This kind of plastic pyrolysis oil is obtained from waste plastics at high temperature by waste plastic to oil plant. It has a wide range of uses in life bec