What is the technology to convert the waste to energy?
The technology to convert the waste to energy includes two kinds: waste pyrolysis technology to convert the waste tire plastic to fuel oil and waste oil distillation technology to convert fuel oil to diesel.
Is pyrolysis plant capable of processing medical waste?
Pyrolysis plant is capable of processing medical waste, which can not only achieve the harmless disposal of medical waste, but also recycle medical waste to useful products, realizing energy recovery.
What's the recycling process of aluminum plastic pyrolysis plants?
The aluminum plastic recycling process of DOING pyrolysis plant includes: feeding, heating, cooling and collecting. DOING has kinds of pyrolysis plants for sale, welcome contact us for more information.
What are the steps to start a pyrolysis plant in Australia?
The steps of starting a pyrolysis plant in Australia: learning about pyrolysis project, determination of plant location/raw material supply/pyrolysis machine and workers training. DOING will provide you with full service and guidance.
What is the estimated life expectancy of pyrolysis plant?
The estimated life expectancy of the pyrolysis plant is related to the material and design of manufacturer, as well as the customer's operation method and maintenance. Doing pyrolysis plants can be used for about 7-10 years.
How much does plastic to oil machine cost?
DOING batch plastic to oil machine costs from USD12,000 to USD70,000, and the fully automatic type costs above USD400,000. The detailed plastic to oil machine costs vary from its capacity and configuration.