How much does plastic to oil machine cost?
DOING batch plastic to oil machine costs from USD12,000 to USD70,000, and the fully automatic type costs above USD400,000. The detailed plastic to oil machine costs vary from its capacity and configuration.
Transforming Waste into Energy: How to Set Up a Pyrolysis Plant?
From selecting and collecting raw materials, final products market survey to selecting suitable pyrolysis plant and installation site, we need to make an overall plan to set up a pyrolysis plant, thus transforming waste into energy and get more benefits.
What product can be obtained from recycling waste plastic?
There are four kinds of final products that can be obtained from recycling plastics: hydrocarbon gas, fuel oil, paraffin and coke. DOING pyrolysis machine can help you extract fuel oil out from waste plastics efficiently and environmentally.
Where to buy a plastic pyrolysis machine?
You can buy plastic pyrolysis machines from Henan Doing Company, who has rich manufacturing and installation experience. DOING plastic pyrolysis machines stand out no matter in machine designs, craftsmanship or quality.
What raw material is for better output / profit of pyrolysis plant?
The raw materials like rubber tires, plastics, oil sludge, etc., are all suitable for pyrolysis plants. You can choose appropriate raw material based on the analysis of oil yields and your local market conditions to obtain better output / profit.
How to turn waste plastic into fuel?
DOING Waste plastic pyrolysis plant can turn waste plastic into fuel through four steps: feeding, heating, oil gas cooling and slag discharge.