What are the feedstock types for waste oil recycling machine?

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There are mainly two feedstock types for waste oil recycling machine: heavy oil and liquid oil sludge. This passage will have a brief introduction about these two feedstocks and their final products of the waste oil recycling machine:

Feedstock one: heavy oil

The common heavy oil includes waste motor/engine oil, tire plastic pyrolysis oil, used lube oil, Mazut, etc. For these heavy oil, we can settle it and separate the small mental and other solid particles firstly, then we can feed them into our waste oil recycling machine. After heating, the light oil gas will generate. The oil gas will be cooled down into liquid oil after passing through our cooling condensers. Of course, there will be some bad smells during the purifying process, so we need to add solid or liquid catalysts for decolorization and deodorization to ensure the purification quality. Then, we can pump the obtained liquid oil to the filters, which have many small bags which can purify the liquid oil further. Finally, we will obtain the clear diesel and the byproduct-asphalt.

Work process for recycling heavy oil with waste oil recycling machineWork process for recycling heavy oil with waste oil recycling machine

Feedstock two: liquid oil sludge

Liquid oil sludge, crude oil, drilling oil sludge, etc. can also be treated with the waste oil recycling machine. For the liquid oil sludge contains some water, so before processing, we can make pretreatment to remove th water, and then we can pump the liquid oil sludge to the distillation reactor with the oil pump, then it will be heated to a certain temperature, and the oil gas will be evaporated. After going through the cooling system and catalyst system, we can obtain the liquid oil with good quality and color. Additionally, we can also obtain another product-asphalt.

Liquid oil sludge treatment with waste oil recycling machineLiquid oil sludge treatment with waste oil recycling machine

In a word, with the waste oil recycling machine, we can recycle liquid oil sludge and heavy oil to two main products: diesel and asphalt, which both have wide applications:

Diesel: though the obtained diesel from the waste oil recycling machine is the non-standard diesel, it can also be used in ships, trucks, tractors, diesel generators, boiler heating, etc.

Asphalt: asphalt also called bitumen, which can be used for paving or make further refinery.

Applications of obtained dieselApplications of obtained diesel

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