Which types of plastic waste can be processed effectively using the pyrolysis machine?

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As the demand for sustainable waste management solutions grows, the use of plastic waste as feedstock for pyrolysis machines has gained traction. Henan Doing Group, a leading Chinese supplier specializing in waste recycling and environmental protection equipment, offers insights into the types of plastic waste that can be effectively processed using pyrolysis machines.

DOING waste plastic pyrolysis machine for saleDOING waste plastic pyrolysis machine for sale

Common plastic types in the market include PP, PE, PS, PET, and PVC. Among these, PP, PE, and PS plastics exhibit high oil production rates, with purer plastics yielding even higher rates, potentially reaching 90-95%. Notably, HDPE and LDPE, both subcategories of PE plastics, share similar properties and are suitable raw materials for pyrolysis machines. ABS plastic, another commonly used type, can yield up to 40% of oil when processed in a waste plastic pyrolysis machine, making it a viable choice for entrepreneurs and investors initially entering into the plastic pyrolysis oil business.

Moreover, plastic waste such as food packaging bags, paper mill waste, fiberglass reinforced plastic, medical waste and aluminum plastic can also serve as effective raw materials for waste plastic pyrolysis machines, with readily available recycling channels.

Plastic types for pyrolysis machine and their oil yieldsPlastic types for pyrolysis machine and their oil yields

However, not all types of plastics are suitable for pyrolysis processing. PET plastics, for instance, do not contain any oil and only yield paste after undergoing high-temperature heating and melting. As a result, it is advisable to pre-sort and separate PET from mixed raw materials. Additionally, the corrosive nature of PVC plastic can significantly reduce the lifespan of pyrolysis reactors, making it unsuitable for processing in pyrolysis machines.

For other types of plastics, concerns about oil yield are unwarranted, as they generally offer favorable conversion rates. As such, entrepreneurs and investors can confidently explore the potential of utilizing various plastic waste streams in pyrolysis machines.

Final products obtained from waste plastic pyrolysisFinal products obtained from waste plastic pyrolysis

In summary, the effective types of plastic waste for pyrolysis machines encompass PP, PE, PS, and ABS plastics, along with select waste materials such as food packaging bags, paper mill waste and aluminum plastic. However, caution should be exercised with PET and PVC plastics due to their unsuitability for pyrolysis processing.

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