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To start a plastic pyrolysis business in India, the following preparations are essential: do market research, buy suitable waste plastic pyrolysis machine, lease and plan the plant land, and prepare documents for handling procedures.
The price of the oil sludgedisposal machine varies from 35,000USD to 1,280,000USD. The detailed oil sludge treatment price mainly depends on the machine type, daily capacity and machine configuration.
Many countries explicitly classify used motor oil as a kind of hazardous waste, and we can adopt the waste oil to diesel distillation machine to properly dispose of the used motor oil by converting it into diesel and asphalt.
There are mainly two options for waste tire/plastic pyrolysis recycling machines, one is the continuous type pyrolysis recycling machine, and the other is the batch type pyrolysis recycling machine.
We can adopt waste lubricating oil refinery plant to recycle the waste lubricating oil into the treasure of diesel through four steps: dewatering, deodorizing, purification and decoloring.
Three factors require to be considered when starting waste tire recycling business: markets of collecting waste tire and selling end products, location of waste tire recycling plant and the local policy, choosing equipment with guaranteed quality.
Residual fuel oil is very popular in Ghana but has recently been banned by the government. Then what kind of oil can you use to replace the residual oil? The pyrolysis oil refined by the cracking equipment can completely replace the residua
Based on the feedback of Doing Company’s Australian customer, the local government requires that the tires must be shredded before being pyrolyzed no matter by batch type or full continuous type waste tires pyrolysis machine now.