The pyrolysis technology can make pyrolysis fuel oil from plastic waste, and distillation technology can further refine plastic fuel oil into diesel oil. DOING can customize suitable plastic to oil pyrolysis&distillation machines for you.
The waste plastic to diesel fuel recycling plant cost ranges from 28,000USD-600,000+USD. The detailed waste plastic to diesel recycling plant cost is related to the configurations, production capacity, the materials selected of equipment.
The pyrolysis process of making fuel and gas out of plastic waste is mainly: feeding-heating-cooling-gas recycling-carbon black slag discharge. We can adopt waste plastic pyrolysis plant to convert plastic waste to fuel for high profits.
Plastic bag is a kind of high molecular polymer, it can be recycled and converted into pyrolysis oil, solid carbon black and combustible gas by DOING waste plastic pyrolysis plant.
The DOING GROUP distillation machine uses the latest design and mature technology to upgrade the color and quality of tire plastic pyrolysis oil, and convert tire plastic pyrolysis oil into 80-85% diesel and asphalt.
The pyrolysis processes of producing fuel from polypropylene plastic are pyrolyzing polypropylene plastic into oil gas, oil gas cooling and exhaust gas purification. The oil yield of pure polypropylene plastic can reach 90%.
There is a new idea and technology------Plastic pyrolysis, which could convert the waste plastic into crude oil through the waste plastic pyrolysis plant produced by Henan DOING GROUP.
With the right pyrolysis and catalysis, these hydrogen atoms of waste plastics can be recycled and turned into valuable fuels by waste plastic pyrolysis plant.
Expect the PVC and PET, we can make oil from almost all kinds of plastics like PE, PP, PS, ABS, medical waste, plastic bags, etc. through waste plastic pyrolysis machine.
DOING DY-Series waste pyrolysis plant and pyrolysis oil distillation plant are the environmentally friendly machines that can recycle the plastic waste into energy and fuels in Singapore.
To start a plastic pyrolysis business in India, the following preparations are essential: do market research, buy suitable waste plastic pyrolysis machine, lease and plan the plant land, and prepare documents for handling procedures.
The price of the oil sludgedisposal machine varies from 35,000USD to 1,280,000USD. The detailed oil sludge treatment price mainly depends on the machine type, daily capacity and machine configuration.