What is the process of converting plastic to diesel?

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With the increasing price of international crude oil, the waste plastic to diesel processing projects are closely watched by different countries in the world. The process of converting plastic to diesel mainly uses two technologies: pyrolysis technology and distillation technology.

700裂解和精炼.jpgSmall scale pyrolysis plant and waste oil distillation plant

If you want to recycle plastic waste into diesel, first you need to recycle plastic into fuel oil, then you could refine fuel oil into diesel.

The detailed plastic to diesel processing process like below:

1.Heating raw materials-condensate fuel oil.

Put the waste plastics into the pyrolysis plant reactor, and carry out the pyrolysis and cracking reaction, so that the waste plastics are pyrolyzed into small molecules in the state of oil gas. Then the oil gas will be cooled into liquid plastic pyrolysis oil through multi-stage condensers.

prolysis plantWaste tyres/plastics pyrolysis plant process

2. Distilling the fuel oil-condensate into diesel.

Then the plastic pyrolysis oil is introduced into the distillation tower, and can be processed into diesel fuel through distillation, re-refining, catalysis or acid-base washing, cooling process, etc.

This waste plastic to diesel processing project can not only avoid the pollution problem caused by the waste plastics but also bring huge economic benefits. But we have to know that different types of plastics have different oil yields, and not all plastic wastes can be converted to diesel.

精炼流程.pngWaste oil distillation plant process

For the waste plastics, the PVC and PET plastics are not suitable for processing diesel. It's suggested to choose PP, PE, PS, ABS plastics. The plastic to diesel output ratios may vary from 27% to 80%.

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