Can plastic be made into fuel?
In recent years, with the progress of technology, waste plastic can be made into fuel.Plastic made into fuel has many advantages, such as no prior plastic waste classification, saving manpower and material resources.
How to dispose of used tires effectively?
Used tires are called "black pollution", and its treatment is recognized as a difficult environmental problem in the world. Today, we have found a effectively way to dispose the used tires effectively, which is to convert the used tires into fuel oil.
Factors affecting waste tire pyrolysis equipment price
Waste tire pyrolysis equipment price is affected by steel price, model, quality, design, configuration, direct or indirect supply, ect.
How is tire recycling business?
The tire recycling business we're talking about is the process of using tire recycling pyrolysis plant to turn waste tires into pyrolysis oil, carbon black and steel wire. How is tire recycling business?
What is pyrolysis oil and what is it used for?
Pyrolysis oil is a kind of oil produced by the pyrolysis reaction of waste tires or plastics. Unlike cracked gasoline, it can't be used directly as engine fuel, it can only be used as fuel oil, and of course you can refine it, and after refining, the pyro
Why do we recycle waste oil? What are the hazards of waste oil?
Waste oil pollutes the environment and is a waste of resources. We should use waste oil refining equipment to recycle waste oil and protect the environment.