What factors affect the price of plastic to oil machine?

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With the improvement of living standards, more and more plastic waste is in urgent need of scientific solutions. At present, plastic to oil machine will be the best choice. And the choice of inexpensive and high quality plastic to oil machine will be the key link. So what are the factors that mainly affect the price of plastic to oil machine?

plastic to oil machinePlastic to oil machine

Machine manufacturing materials

As we all know, the cost of manufacturing machine varies with the raw materials used. DOING company adopts professional boiler plate Q345 carbon steel to manufacture pyrolysis reactor, which has the performance of high temperature and high pressure resistance. By choosing such materials, the safety of the reactor during operation is guaranteed, and the service life of the reactor is longer than that of manufactured by ordinary carbon steel. So the price of plastic to oil machine will be higher.

plastic to oil machineMachine manufacturing materials

Pyrolysis reactor design

The second factor affect plastic to oil machine price is the pyrolysis reactor design. DOING pyrolysis reactor standard pressure vessel design generally leads to the plastic to oil machine price higher than the ordinary large-opening design. Because the circular head of the standard pressure vessel is integrally die-cast, better pressure resistance. If there is pressure, the pressure vessel will have a buffering effect on the pressure, giving the plastic to oil machine a sufficient time to respond. The standard pressure vessel must be made in those factories with professional production qualifications. DOING is one of the few manufacturers in China with such production qualifications.

plastic to oilDOING plastic pyrolysis reactor with standard pressure vessel

After-sales service.

If you choose a trader, there may be no after-sales service. As a manufacturer of equipment, we provide on-site installation service and training for workers to operate the machine. For each project we have professional project managers to follow up the progress of the project in order t o solve problems in each link in time.

pyrolysis reactorOn-site installation service

Of course, in addition to the above factors, affect the price of plastic to oil machine is the type of plastic to oil machine, processing capacity and other factors, but these are essentially the factors that determine the price of plastic to oil machine.

DOING Company is specialized in the production of plastic to oil machine. We are always working to supply the most cost-effective plastic to oil machine for customers. When you buy plastic to oil machine, do not only consider the price, to combine the above factors to decide, detailed you will be able to buy cheap and high quality plastic to oil machine.