Is it practical to turn plastic into oil to heat houses?

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We know that waste plastics can be turned into oil by pyrolysis technology. The resulting oil can be used as heating fuel. In some cold areas, a certain amount of energy is used each year to heat the house. So some people think is it practical to turn plastic into oil to heat houses? My answer is yes. Let me tell you why.

plastic pyrolysis plantTurn plastic into oil to heat houses

1. Turn plastic into oil can be achieved

Turnning plastic into oil is determined by the characteristics of plastic. Plastics are actually made from the polymerization of small molecules in petroleum. With the mature application of pyrolysis technology, plastics can be pyrolyzed by plastic pyrolysis plant to decompose these polymerized plastics and restore them to fuel oil. The technological process is to load the waste plastic into the pyrolysis reactor for heating. After the waste plastic is pyrolyzed into oil gas, it is condensed by the condensation system to cool it into fuel oil. The whole production process is safe, environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

2. Plastic oil is a kind of very good heating fuel

The obtained plastic oil from waste plastics is a kind of very good heating fuel, with 10592.48Kcal/kg heating value, which is much higher than that of coal. It can be widely used in various heavy industry plants as the heating fuel.

turn plastic to oilApplication of plastic oil

3. Plastic oil can replace wood and coal to heat houses and reduce air pollution

In fact, it can be used as fuel oil for heating houses. In the northeast of China, it is very cold in winter and can reach more than 20 degrees below zero, so local houses are equipped with heating systems to spend the cold winter. If wood or coal is used to heat the heating system, it will not only consume a lot of wood and coal, but also cause serious air pollution. Now more and more countries pay more attention to environmental protection, so if the plastic oil is used to replace wood or coal to heat the heating system, it will not only save resources, but also reduce environmental pollution.

4. There's a big market for house heating

There are some very cold countries in the world, such as Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Canada and other places. In the winter, they need to rely on the heating system to survive the long and cold winter. If they can turn plastics into oil, which is used to heat the heating system, then this will greatly save the resources on the planet and reduce the pollution of waste plastics.

In conclusion, it is practical to turn plastic into oil to heat houses. That should be a good opportunity for some investors. If you think so and want to do plastic to oil project, you can contact us for a free quote on plastic pyrolysis plant.