What are the uses of pyrolysis carbon black in industry?

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If you know DOING's waste plastic/tire to oil machine, you know that pyrolysis carbon black is produced by the pyrolysis of tires or plastics as they are converted into oil. So what are the uses of pyrolysis carbon black? Let's explore the uses of pyrolysis carbon black in industry.

What we call carbon black is amorphous carbon, a light, loose, very fine black powder with a very large surface area. It is the product of incomplete combustion or thermal decomposition of carbonaceous materials (coal, natural gas, heavy oil, fuel oil, etc.) under the condition of insufficient air. Carbon black is usually divided into carbon black for pigment, carbon black for rubber, and conductive carbon black according to different uses.

waste plastic to oil machineUses of pyrolysis carbon black in industry

The pigment carbon black, which can be divided into three kinds according to its coloring ability, namely, high pigment carbon black, medium pigment carbon black and low pigment carbon black. The pigment carbon black mainly used in ink, paint and other industries as black pigment. Pigment carbon black can be generally better to the plastic coloring, according to the coloring characteristics or physical and chemical properties of the choice of pigment carbon black. The choice of carbon black for coloring is basically dependent on the degree of blackness the finished product must achieve.

Rubber carbon black such as the tire industry, rubber seals, shock absorbers, rubber products with a certain amount of carbon black can play a role in strengthening and filling to improve the performance of rubber products.

waste tire to oil machineWaste plastic/tire to oil machine

Conductive carbon black is carbon black with low or high resistance. Can be given products conductive or anti-static effect. It is characterized by small particle size, large specific surface area and rough, high structure, clean surface (fewer compounds), etc. Carbon black itself is a semiconductor material, conductive carbon black has a low resistivity, can make rubber or plastic has a certain conductivity, for different conductive or antistatic products, such as antistatic or conductive rubber, plastic products, cable materials; Can also do dry battery raw materials.

To sum up, we can see that pyrolysis carbon black has a very important use in industry, and it also creates another income for customers who buy DOING waste plastic/tire to oil machine.