How can we start a plastic pyrolysis business in India? What documents are required?

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Starting a plastic pyrolysis business in India is a really lucrative project. Through the establishment of waste plastic pyrolysis plant, a large amount of cheap waste plastics can be recycled and converted into valuable fuel oil and carbon black. To start a plastic pyrolysis business in India, the following preparations are essential: do market research, buy suitable waste plastic pyrolysis machine, lease and plan the plant land, and prepare documents for handling procedures.

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First of all, you need to research the local plastic pyrolysis market in India to determine where you can obtain stable waste plastic raw materials at a relatively favorable price, and where you can sell the obtained fuel oil and carbon black products at a high price. Secondly, you need to choose suitable waste plastic pyrolysis machines according to the local environmental policy requirements in India. It is best to buy high-quality waste plastic pyrolysis machine from a manufacturer with rich experience in machine production and project installation.

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In addition, after you confirm the capacity and equipment configuration, you can lease the plant and customize the detailed layout. Last but not least, prepare relevant documents and handle procedures to conduct a formalized and legalized plastic pyrolysis business in India.

You can learn about your state's policies, what documents you need. Most states in India can start this project directly, and you just require the waste plastic pyrolysis machine to meet your local environmental requirements. Detailed documents depend on detailed government policies. The following lists some documents that may be required to start a plastic pyrolysis business in India made by Henan Doing Company.

based on the feedback from Indian customers for your reference:
No.    Items Documentations
1. Required licenses 1.Company Incorporation
2. 2.GST Registration
3. 3.Authorization from SPCB
4.Registration under PWM
5. Required for Registration 1.GST Certificate
6. 2.Authorized signatory PAN Card
3.Layout Plan

Hope it is helpful to help you start the plastic pyrolysis business in India. And for more information and details of waste plastic pyrolysis machines, welcome to consult Doing Company. As an experienced pyrolysis machine manufacturer who has got widely trusted and praised by Indian customers, Doing Company can customize you the most suitable waste plastic pyrolysis machines at favorable prices.