Can plastic bags be recycled into oil?

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Plastic bag is a kind of high molecular polymer (or synthetic resin). Under certain conditions, the macromolecule with unsaturated bonds will break, thereby decomposing pyrolysis oil, solid carbon black and combustible gas. Therefore, plastic bags can be recycled into oil.

This recycling process from waste plastic bags to oil, called pyrolysis, is well established and widely used. The specific process flow of plastic bags to oil is as follows:

连续流程图 塑料.jpgThe process of waste plastic pyrolysis plant

First, the waste plastic bags are fed to the pyrolysis reactor of the waste plastic pyrolysis plant, and then the pyrolysis reactor is heated with fuel. After reaching a certain temperature, oil gas will be generated, and then the condensable gas will be cooled into oil through DOING's three-stage condensation system, and the non-condensable gas (syn-gas) will be purified and used for heating the pyrolysis reactor to save cost. Cool the waste plastic pyrolysis reactor, and discharge the carbon black for collection.

In addition to plastic bags, PE/PP/PS plastics, ABS engineering plastics, plastic cable sheaths, plastic household waste, medical waste, paper mill scraps, etc. seen in daily life can be recycled into oil, and their oil output ranges from 40-90% overall.

700x550不同种类塑料的出油率1.jpgDifferent plastic materials oil output ranges

The plastic oil obtained after the pyrolysis of waste plastics can be used as industrial fuel for heating in boiler rooms, steel plants, cement plants, etc., and can also be further refined into light diesel oil for generators, burners, and heavy agricultural machinery by our waste oil distillation plant; and carbon black can be further used for briquetting for combustion or fine grinding for further processing, and can also be sold directly.

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