What machine can upgrade the color and quality of tire plastic pyrolysis oil?

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Waste tire plastic can be converted into pyrolysis oil through the pyrolysis machine. Tire plastic pyrolysis oil is a heating fuel that can be used in many industries. But improving the color and quality of pyrolysis oil can help us get a higher profit value.So what machine can upgrade the color and quality of tire plastic pyrolysis oil?

The DOING GROUP distillation machine uses the latest design and mature technology to convert tire plastic pyrolysis oil into 80-85% diesel and asphalt.

700 8.19 新塑料炼油设备.jpgWaste tire plastic to diesel plant

1. The working process of the pyrolysis oil distillation machine are as follows:

1) Feeding and heating

The pyrolysis oil pump is put into the distillation reactor, and the rapid heating system is used for indirect heating to ensure that the pyrolysis oil is fully and evenly heated effectively. In addition, indirect heating can extend the life of the reactor.

2) Oil gas distillation and catalyst reaction

When heated to a certain temperature, the pyrolysis oil is converted into oil gas. The oil gas then enter the buffer chamber and catalytic tower for purification, decolorization and deodorization.

3) cooling

The purified oil and gas enters the horizontal condensing system. When cooled, it is converted into diesel fuel.

冷凝系统.jpgCooling system

4) Further purification

In order to improve the quality of diesel, we can use our purification system to further purify the diesel.

5) asphalt discharge

It is very convenient to use vertical distillation reactor to discharge asphalt.

2. Why choose DOING pyrolysis oil distillation machine to upgrade the pyrolysis oil color and quality?

Here are the unique advantages and characteristics of DOING pyrolysis oil distillation machine:


Our pyrolysis oil distillation machine has special safety equipment to ensure the safe operation of the machine.

2.Environmental protection:

We have professional gas cleaning system and smell disposal device to ensure no pollution.

700-450环保装置.jpgEnvironmental production device

3.High efficiency energy saving:

Vertical oil distillation reactor design is very convenient for asphalt discharge. And the indirect heating makes all oil and gas heated evenly, shortens heating time and saves energy.

If you would like to upgrade the color and quality of the tire plastic pyrolysis oil and want to know about our pyrolysis oil distillation machine, please feel free to contact us for more information.