Do waste plastics need to be cleaned before pyrolysis?

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Most waste plastics can be recycled by pyrolysis plants and converted into energy, fuel oil, sysn-gas and carbon black. These waste plastics can be pure waste PP, PE, ABS plastics, but also be the mixed plastics. You don't have to clean them before pyrolysis, and waste plastics can be directly fed into the pyrolysis reactor.

plastic pyrplysis plantWaste plastic pyrplysis plant 3D picture

In fact, the further process system of waste plastic cleaning, dewatering and drying is very costly. If you don’t want to do further process, it is OK. Even the mixed plastic and dirty life wastes are all no problem. Because the raw material won’t affect the oil quality and combustion effect of plastic pyrolysis oil.

But if you have enough budget, you can choose to clean it before pyrolysis. There is no doubt that if you clean and dry the waste plastics raw materials before it enters the pyrolysis plant, you may get a higher oil yield.

And here are some suggestions for you to help you get a higher oil yield from waste plastic pyrolysis:

 pyrolysis plantDifferent plastics materials have different oil yield

1. There are many kinds of plastic you could choose, and we suggest you collect waste plastics like PP, PE, ABS, because these kinds of plastic are of high oil content. Normally you could get about 70% oil yield from these plastic. And if it's mixed plastics, try to choose the waste plastics with lower water content.

2. Choose professional waste plastic pyrolysis plants. The pyrolysis plant with mature pyrolysis technology and professional condensing system can help you realize the complete pyrolysis and recycle of waste plastic, thus creating high profits for you.

DOING waste pyrolysis plant can extract all oil out of waste plastics, the high oil yield and great running performance are widely approved by our customers in more than 100 countries and regions.

If there are any concerns, please contact us. We are here to give you more suggestions and help you start this waste plastic pyrolysis plant project smoothly.