How can waste plastics be converted to fuel oil?

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Using pyrolysis plants to convert waste plastics into oil is a proper and profitable plas treatment way. It can solve the pollution problems caused by waste plastics and obtain the pyrolysis fuel oil, which can be used as an alternative energy to industrial fuel oil.

700塑料炼油.jpg    Plastics to oil pyrolysis plant picture

The recycling process of waste plastics being converted of fuel oil mainly includes the following steps:

●1st step: feed the waste plastics into the pyrolysis reactor;

●2nd step: heat the pyrolysis reactor and when the temperature rises to about 120 degrees, the plastic will be gradually cracked into oil gas;

●3rd step: the produced oil gas will enter the condensing system cooling into liquid plastic pyrolysis fuel oil, storing in the temporary oil tank. And the non-condensable gas can be used as the pyrolysis treactor heating fuel after purification to save operation cost.

●4rd step: after the pyrolysis fuel oil production process is finished, we can discharge and collect the carbon black.

The 3D animation of DOING pyrolysis plant converting waste plastic into oil:

After the whole waste plastic to oil pyrolysis process, we can obtain about 30-90% pyrolysis fuel oil. And the obtained pyrolysis fuel oil has wide uses:

裂解油用途 2.jpgThe applications of plastics pyrolysis oil

1. It can directly replace fuel oil for industrial or boiler heating, such as cement plants, ceramic factories, power generation plants, steel plants, glass plants, etc.;

2. It can be refined into diesel for diesel combustion and power plants, agricultural machinery, etc.

Note: The detailed oil yield of converting plastic to oil is mainly influenced by waste plastic types and the pyrolysis technology.

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