12TPD plastic to oil conversion pyrolysis plant project in Indonesia

Project Case / Chat on line / Give me a price / Date:2020-01-16

Congratulations to the Indonesian customer for the successful installation of plastic to oil conversion pyrolysis plant. It will help the customer to get fuel oil from the plastic waste generated by the paper mill, not only to help him dispose of some of the plastic waste generated by his own paper mill, but also to bring him some economic benefits. The Indonesian customer is very satisfied with the project.

plastic pyrolysis plantIndonesian customer praise our equipment

The Indonesian customer had been worried how to deal with the nearly 100 tons of waste his paper mill producing every day, because most of them was waste paper and plastic and had value, but he had not found a proper way to dispose of them. Until he found DOING company.

plastic to oil plant Daily waste from paper mills in Indonesia customer

Based on the fact that the main component of the waste is waste plastic, DOING recommended plastic to oil conversion pyrolysis plant to him. The customer was very excited after hearing the introduction of how the plastic to oil conversion pyrolysis plant works and what the product can be obtained. He thought this was the solution he had been looking for.

After confirming the specific equipment configuration, the Indonesian customer placed an order for one set plastic to oil conversion pyrolysis plant of 12 tons. Then DOING incorporated the equipment into its production plan and finished the delivery on time and sent experienced engineers to guide the installation.

Below is the picture of the installation

plastic pyrolysis plantPlastic to oil conversion pyrolysis plant was being installed

After the installation is completed, our engineers will also debug the equipment and train the customer's workers to operate the equipment until the workers can operate the equipment independently. The picture below show the waste plastic feed when debugging the equipment.

plastic to oil conversion plantThe customer was feeding waste plastic into pyrolysis reactor

Before debug the equipment, the customer had dried the waste plastic on the advice of the engineer. The feedstock is fed by the automatic feeder into the pyrolysis reactor and then heat the reactor until the fuel oil flows out smoothly.

plastic to oil pyrolysis plantFuel oil obtained from plastic to oil conversion pyrolysis plant

The Indonesian customers' raw materials have been treated with pyrolysis plant with satisfactory results, making it more targeted for investors who want to dispose of waste plastics from paper mills.

Our plastic to oil conversion pyrolysis plant not only can deal with waste plastic, but also can deal with waste tires, waste rubber and other raw materials, if you are investigating the pyrolysis project, welcome to contact us for consultation.