12T waste tyre pyrolysis plant project in Serbia

Project Case / Chat on line / Give me a price / Date:2020-03-24

On March 8, 2020, one set 12T waste tyre pyrolysis plant was successfully installed in Serbia. It is now officially in production. This client has been engaged in recycling waste tyres and waste plastics for a long time. When he learned that the tyre pyrolysis project had a promising future, he began to investigate the project and successfully installed one set waste tyre pyrolysis plant.

waste tyre pyrolysis plant12T waste tyre pyrolysis plant installed in Serbia

He came to DOING for an inspection last December. During his investigation, He saw the scale of DOING and its standard operating procedures. In addition, he also did a detailed consultation and understanding of the environmental aspects of the waste tyre pyrolysis plant. For example, in terms of waste water treatment, DOING company adopts recycled water, and there is no waste water discharge in the whole process of waste tire treatment; Waste residue treatment: waste tyre pyrolysis plant produced by DOING company adopts a unique black carbon emission design, which is pollution-free in the whole operation process.

tyre pyrolysis plantUnique black carbon emission design

After the inspection, he signed a contract to buy one set waste tyre pyrolysis plant. In the production process, DOING factory is strict with the quality, and from the selection of materials to the process are all according to the standard process. Under the joint efforts of the factory division and the manufacturing workers, the waste tyre pyrolysis plant was finished according to the time. Then DOING company arranged the vehicle to deliver the 12T waste tyre pyrolysis plant from DOING factory to Serbia.

waste tyre pyrolysis plant DOING factory

When waste tyre pyrolysis plant arrived in Serbia, DOING company sent experienced installation master to guide the installation. The following is a picture of the waste tyre pyrolysis plant being installed.

tyre pyrolysis plantWaste tire pyrolysis plant was being installed

As a manufacturer with 10 years of experience, we DOING company not only provide quality equipment, but also provide on-site installation of after-sales service, so that customers have no worries. At present, the 12T waste tyre pyrolysis plant has been put into operation, which can produce 4.8T tire oil one day. If you are interested in our waste tyre pyrolysis plant, please feel free to contact us at any time.