Demonstration process for converting waste tyres into fuel oil by waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Video / Chat on line / Give me a price / Date:2019-11-15

This first short video simulates the workflow of waste tyre pyrolysis plant. The first step is to put waste tyres into the pyrolysis reactor; After heating, the reactor generats oil gas, then oil gas is cooled into a liquid through the cooling system; Finally collect the liquid oil into the tank. The following is the operation site of our waste tyre pyrolysis plant and video when the fuel oil is being extracted from waste tyre pyrolysis plant.

According to customer demand we can manufacture small waste tyre pyrolysis plant, for example 100kg, 500kg, 1T, 5T, etc. Of  course, we have 10T and 12T or more big capacity waste tyre pyrolysis plant. DOING's small waste tyre pyrolysis plant can not only verify that waste tyres can be converted into oil, but also test the oil yield of different raw materials, which has been favored by customers in many developed countries. If you want to make more profit, you can choose a large-capacity one.