Waste oil recycling to diesel refining plant

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Pyrolysis technology plays an important role in reducing environmental pollution. Through the pyrolysis process, we can effectively convert used tires/plastics into useful resources - fuel oil and carbon black. In order to make fuel oil more widely used and of higher value, we can further process it by using waste oil distillation machine. DOING company's waste oil distillation machine can refine tire pyrolysis oil, plastic pyrolysis oil, waste engine oil, crude oil, black and heavy oil, etc. into diesel through distillation technology.

DOING pyrolysis oil to diesel equipment DOING 3D picture ofwaste oil distillation machine

The whole process of Doing Group  waste oil distillation machine includes: high-temperature distillation, circulating water cooling, catalyst deodorization and clay decolorization. The detailed workflow of waste oil distillation machine as follows:

1. Use circulating heat conduction oil to preheat the whole system, then start the circulating pump to make the heat conduction oil circulate in the system;

2. Using oil pump to pump the waste oil into distillation reactor and heat the distillation reactor with double heating system;

3. when the temperature of the distillation reactor is between 380 degrees and 400 degrees, and the oil gas will generate, and the oil gas can be cooled down to light fuel oil by the cooling system;

4. Then, the light fuel oil can be purified through catalyst deodorization and clay decolorization to obtain diesel.

5. The smoke from the heat conduction oil furnace and the distillation reactor passes through the pipeline into the desulfurization tower for treatment, and the treated smoke can meet the national gas emission standards.

waste oil distillation machineDOING fuel oil to diesel equipment working process

After the waste oil processed by the waste oil distillation machine , we can get diesel oil(80%-85%) and asphalt(10%-15%). The asphalt can be used for paving or sold directly to an asphalt refinery for further refining. Next, let's look at the application of diesel.

1. The diesel can be used in diesel combustion engines, generators, heavy machinery and agricultural machinery instead of standard diesel.

2. This diesel is non-standard, which cannot be used directly on cars. If you want to use it on cars, you need to mix it with standard diesel.

3. The diesel can be used as fuel for trucks, tractors, mining machinery, generators, boiler plants, etc. This diesel has good market prospects in African and South American countries.

waste oil distillation machineApplication of diesel

The use of these materials obtained by distillation of waste oil is so extensive in life, what is the value of these substances in the market? Based on many years of industry experience, we have summarized the profit analysis of waste oil recycling to diesel refining plant for your reference:

fuel oil to diesel equipment profits Fuel oil to diesel equipment profits analysis

Our processed by can not only bring you the above profit, but the whole equipment will not cause any pollution to the environment during operation. The most important thing is that our waste oil recycling to diesel refining plant is safe to operate:

Environmental protection

1. In the smoke cleaning system, the hot smoke in the reactor is dedusted in three steps to ensure that the released gas is free of pollution.

2. The tail gas is directly recovered from the heating reactor without gas pollution.

3. All parts are well sealed to avoid air leaks.

waste oil distillation machineSmoke cleaning system

Safety device

1. The water seal and Vacuum systems will prevent tail gases from returning to the condenser and reactor.

2. Equipped with thermometer, pressure gauge, safety valve and electronic control system.

waste oil distillation machineThe safety device

In general, as long as we use reasonable methods to dispose of waste oil, we can not only protect the environment, but also apply waste oil to all aspects. Doing Group waste oil distillation machine has passed the European and American environmental standards and we have installed equipment in more than 90 countries around the world. If you want to know more information about waste oil distillation machine, welcome to consult us.