Is converting waste plastic to oil project a successful business in India?

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In general, converting waste plastic to oil project is a very successful business in India. Why do we say that? Please pay attention to the next analysis.

plastic to oil Converting waste plastic to oil project

1. Abundant raw materials

In India, there is a lot of waste plastics. And it’s very convenient for collecting plastic in India. You just need to find some waste plastic suppliers. Usually they are gathered in one area, and is very convenient to find. If the talks go well, they will send the plastic to your door according to your requirement.

plastic pyrolysis machineAbundant waste plastics

2. Available raw material has high oil yield

Usually our customer in India will use the plastic bags and soft plastic as material, because the oil yield of this plastic is higher, can be over 50% at least, even can reach 60%-70%. So the profit of this project is promising.

3. The price of final products is considerable

♦ Plastic oil

Plastic oil is a kind of very good heating fuel, with 10592.48Kcal/kg heating value. The price of the plastic oil in India is about 380usd per ton. If you want to sell the oil at higher price, you can distillate it to diesel, because the diesel market is better in India. There are also professional oil collectors in India. You can contact the oil collector to sell the oil, and they will go to your door to collect them, or you can also sell them to some industry plant, like cement factory, boiler factory, glass factory and so on.

♦ Carbon black

There are also some carbon black left, and you can sell it to carbon black process factory or make them to briquette and sell them.

plastic to oil machineApplication of final products from plastic to oil pyrolysis machine

4. Integral business chain

As a professional machinery manufacturer, DOING company have sold more than 100sets plastic to oil pyrolysis machine to India, and there is a integral business chain in India.

Since India is a large country with few resources, the government is very supportive of this project. So it is easy and profitable to do this project now. If you want to do this project in India, just feel free to contact us. Very glad to receive your inquiry.