How do I start a tyre recycling business?

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With the development of The Times and the increasing number of discarded tyres around, some investors have started to pay attention to tyre recycling business and obtain big profits from it. So next, I will share you how to start a tyre recycling business?

tyre recycling plantTyre recycling business

1.Collect waste tyres 

There may be many car repair stations, waste rubber recycling stations around your city, and even many waste tyres are randomly thrown on the roadside. These waste tyres are your source of raw materials. Usually, you have to do market research and calculate how many tons of waste tyres you can collect from surrounding markets in a day.

tyre pyrolysis plantCollect waste tyres

2. Find a suitable site for the establishment

After determining the amount of waste tyres collected every day, you can start to find a suitable site for the establishment of waste tire recycling plants, which is generally in industrial parks.

3. Choose a suitable waste tyre recycling machine

Here waste tyre recycling machine refers to waste tyre pyrolysis palnt which can crack waste tyres to obtain fuel oil and carbon black. You can choose the right waste tyre recycling machine based on the weight of tyres you can collect and the size of the site.

tyre pyrolysis plantWaste tyre recycling machine

4. Equipment installation and commissioning

You don't have to worry about the installation and commissioning of the waste tyre recycling machine. If you choose to buy the machine from the manufacturer, they will provide installation and commissioning services as well as training your workers on how to operate the waste tyre recycling machine.

waste tyre recycling plantWaste tyre recycling machine installation and commissioning

5. Production and product sales

After the waste tyre recycling machine is debugged, it can enter the formal production. You can sell the collected products on a regular basis according to the production.

This is a project of turning waste into treasure, because there is a vast market for fuel oil from waste tyres. Many investors have already made their first bucket of gold in life, or reached the peak of their life. If you are interested in doing this project, please contact us directly.