Two sets 10T waste tire pyrolysis plant successfully installed in Hunan, China

Project Case / Chat on line / Give me a price / Date:2018-04-20

In April 2018, two sets 10T waste tire pyrolysis plant ordered by customers in Hunan, China, were successfully installed.

Hunan customers were using clay stoves to make oil before buying waste tire pyrolysis plant. As the country and the government pay more and more attention to environmental protection, the stoves used by Hunan customers have failed to meet the national environmental protection standards.

waste tire pyrolysis plantWaste tire pyrolysis plant to be installed

Hunan customers learned from the internet that the waste tire pyrolysis plant produced by Henan DOING is safe and environmentally friendly, and this waste tire pyrolysis plant has helped many customers in China get the procedures of environmental impact assessment. Henan DOING with its own strength to prove that the production of waste tire pyrolysis plant used containing the process, technology, as well as service are the best.

The customers from Hunan came to DOING company for investigation. The professional project manager from Henan DOING received the customers from Hunan and led the Hunan customers to Hubei, China to see the on-site operation of waste tire pyrolysis plant. Hunan customer was quite satisfied for each aspect of Henan DOING, and finally signed the order contract.

tire pyrolysis plantWaste tire pyrolysis plant is being installed

After the Hunan customer placed the order, the engineers and staff of Henan DOING company successfully prepared the goods after a month of production and manufacturing, and successfully completed the delivery after careful loading and careful proofreading by the factory staff. Then the engineers of DOING company guided the installation on site. The installation was finally completed successfully in April.

tire pyrolysis plant installedWaste tire pyrolysis plant installed in Hunan, China

After the completion of installation, the waste tire pyrolysis plant of Hunan customers will be put into trial operation immediately.

The raw materials of Hunan customers were waste tires, and this raw material oil rate is relatively high. The waste tire pyrolysis plant ordered by Hunan customers can process 20 tons of waste tires a day, so the profit in one month is very considerable.