What are the factors that affect the oil yield of tire pyrolysis?

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With the development of pyrolysis technology, now our customers can use waste tires as material to get fuel oil by pyrolysis plant. This is a kind of very good heating fuel, with 10592.48Kcal/kg heating value, which is much higher than that of coal. It has a good market in different countries. So people want to get more oil out of their tires. Then what are the factors that affect the oil yield of tire pyrolysis?

 tire pyrolysis plantGet oil from waste tires

This problem can not be unified, it is mainly affected by the following several factors.

1. Type of waste tires

We have sold pyrolysis plant for many years, and through customer feedback, we get more accurate data.

About 45% fuel oil from big car tires .

About 40% fuel oil from small car tires and bicycle tires.

About 35% fuel oil from rubber cable skin or sole, about 30% fuel oil from mixed sole. More than 30% fuel oil from waste chemical fiber carpet material.

About 35% of fuel oil from Miscellaneous rubber.

In short, Different types of tires lead to different oil yields from 30% to 45% after pyrolysis, which means you can get 300kg-450kg fuel oil from 1ton waste tires pyrolysis plant.

tire pyrolysis plantDifferent types of tires

2. Temperature control

The highest oil yield temperature is between 280 ℃ and 300 ℃. If the temperature can be well controlled during the pyrolysis process, the oil production rate will also be improved.

tire pyrolysis plantTemperature control during pyrolysis

3. Condensing equipment

We all think that the more condensers there are, the better the effect will be. Not quite. Sometimes the process of the equipment is also very important. DOING adopt the way of tube condensation, 4 processes and 7 condensers can ensure that the oil gas are fully condensed, and the whole equipment can reach 70 square meters.

pyrolysis plantDOING tube condensation

Therefore, when you do a tire pyrolysis oil project, you need to combine the above factors to increase the oil production rate and increase the profit.