What raw material is for better output / profit of pyrolysis plant?

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DOING pyrolysis plant can recycle a lot of waste into fuel oil energy, the common raw materials are used rubber tires, various plastics(except PVC PET), oil sludge, coal tar oil and so on. You could choose appropriate raw material for pyrolysis plant based on the analysis of oil yields and your local market conditions, it's beneficial to obtain better output or profit.

To help you make a choice about the raw materials, here first I will list the raw materials and their oil yield output for your reference.

For waste tires, the oil yield is about 40% -50%. For waste plastics, the oil yield output may vary a lot. Normally, if you collect PE, PP, PS, you will get a higher oil yield. If you make them clean and dry before recycling, then you could large possible to get over 80% oil yield. If you choose plastic wastes or mixed plastic, then the oil yield is a little lower, about 30%-50%. But actually almost all plastic can get an average 60% oil yield then about 30% carbon black and about 10% syngas. The oil yield of waste oil sludge and coal tar oil varies with water content and impurities.

Pyrolysis plant raw material and oil yieldPyrolysis plant raw materials and oil yields display

If you want to obtain higher fuel oil output and profit of pyrolysis plant, then the higher oil yield of the raw materials for pyrolysis plant, the better the choice. It means that you can obtain more final product---fuel oil to be sold at good prices, then your investment will be returned quickly.

But besides the oil yield, you also need to pay attention to your local market conditions. You need to consider the purchase price and accessibility of raw materials for pyrolysis plant. And it's also recommended to pay attention to the local recycling policy. Some countries have relative support policies for waste recycling, such as tax relief, free collection of raw materials, etc.

Waste tire plastic pyrolysis plant project casesPyrolysis plant project installed by DOING Company

For more details about the raw materials and pyrolysis plant, please feel free to consult Henan Doing Company, the pyrolysis plant top manufacturer. No matter which raw material you choose, our pyrolysis plant can help you obtain high oil yield output and high profits! The mature pyrolysis technology and good machine quality of DOING pyrolysis plant has been proved in more than 100+ countries and regions!