A Ukrainian customer ordered a set of 10TPD waste tire pyrolysis machine

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DOING Group is delighted to announce that on February 18, 2024, we received a significant order from a valued customer in Ukraine. The order consists of a set of 10TPD waste tire pyrolysis machine, which will play a pivotal role in meeting the customer's demand for high-quality fuel oil.

And the decision by our Ukrainian customer to choose DOING Group as their preferred supplier can be attributed to our proven track record of delivering superior pyrolysis machines and exceptional customer service. Our commitment to technological innovation, product reliability, and environmental sustainability has earned us a reputation as a trusted industry leader. The following video is one of the real running feedback of DOING waste tire pyrolysis machine:

With the waste tire pyrolysis machine, the Ukrainian customer can recycle nearly 10 tons of waste tires every day and obtain about 4500KG fuel oil with good quality. The fuel oil can be used in some heavy oil machines, such as cement plants, glass plants, steel plants, heavy oil generators, boiler heating or refined to non-standard diesel, etc. Of course, the better the quality of the waste tires, the more fuel oil can be obtained.

Applications of obtained fuel oilApplications of obtained fuel oil

After signing the contract for the waste tire pyrolysis machine with the Ukrainian customer, DOING immediately sent the production notice to our factory, and about forty days later, the waste tire pyrolysis machine will be finished. Then we will make serious inspection of the quality of the waste tire pyrolysis machine and share the inspection pictures or videos with our Ukrainian customer to ensure meeting the demands of our customer.

After passing the quality inspection, the waste tire pyrolysis machine will be delivered to Ukraine with serious packaging. And then our engineer will provide technical guidance on the installation and operation to help the Ukrainian customer to set up the waste tire pyrolysis machine successfully.

Overall services provided by DOING GroupOverall services provided by DOING Group

DOING waste tire pyrolysis machines have cooperated with many customers and received lots of good feedback. We are confident that our cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction will lead to a successful and mutually beneficial partnership. So if you are interested in our waste tire pyrolysis machines, just send your inquiry to us, our sales manager will provide a customized scheme with you.