Indonesian customer purchased 2 sets of 10T waste tire pyrolysis plants

Enterprise News / Chat on line / Give me a price / Date:2023-09-22

On September 20, 2023, our Indonesian customer purchased 2 sets of 10T waste tire pyrolysis plants from Henan Doing Company. He purchased these two sets of pyrolysis plants to recycle cheap waste tires into valuable fuel oil energy.

Our Indonesian customer has a big factory in Indonesia, and to save heating fuel costs, he decided to produce alternative fuel-heating fuel by himself. For excess fuel beyond demand, he can sell it to other factories, like heavy oil power plants, steel factories, glass factories, cement factories, boiler heating, etc. In Indonesia, where oil prices remain high, this is a lucrative business.

pyrolysis oil applicationsWaste tire pyrolysis plant final product application

After doing market research, our Indonesian customer decided to use the cheap and available waste tires as the raw materials. Then he looked for professional pyrolysis plant manufacturers to customize suitable waste tire pyrolysis plant purchasing schemes.

DOING Company has rich pyrolysis plant exportation and installation experience. Our prolysis plant has been popular sale to 100+ countries and regions, including Indonesia. Besides that, no matter in machine quality and machine environment protection design, our waste tire pyrolysis plants have great performance. Therefore, from machine selection to installation, we can offer all-around services to help our customers install the waste tire pyrolysis plants smoothly. That's why our waste tire pyrolysis plant stands and became the preferential choice of our Indonesian customer.

waste tire pyrolysis plant for saleWaste tire pyrolysis plant final product application

If you are interested in setting up waste tire/plastic/oil sludge recycling pyrolysis plants to produce fuel oil, please feel free to send us your inquiry. Our sales manager and engineer team can customize a suitable pyrolysis plant solution and introduce the machine details to you!