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12T waste tyre pyrolysis equipment sent to Latvia
When 12T waste tyre pyrolysis equipment manufacturing completed, it will be shipped to Latvia.Delivery of this waste tyre pyrolysis equipment has been completed at present.
Two sets 12T waste tyre pyrolysis plant sent to Mexico
Our old Mexican client was satisfied with our equipment quality and after-sales service, so he cooperated with us again buying another two sets 12T waste tyre pyrolysis plant.
Is it practical to turn plastic into oil to heat houses?
We know that waste plastics can be turned into oil by pyrolysis technology. The resulting oil can be used as heating fuel. So in some cold areas,it is practical to turn plastic into oil to heat houses.
What are the products of plastic pyrolysis? What are the uses of byproducts?
Waste plastics can be processed by plastic pyrolysis machine to obtain useful main product plastic pyrolysis oil and by-products, such as carbon black, and exhaust gas. So the following, I'll talk about uses of byproducts in more detail.
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Jiangxi, China old customer bought second 12T waste plastic pyrolysis plant to complete the installation
So far, the waste plastic pyrolysis plant first purchased by the customer in Jiangxi in July 2019 is still in good operation, so he contacted us again in March 2020 to purchase another waste plastic pyrolysis plant.