Live show of waste tire pyrolysis plant manufacturing workshop

Video / Chat on line / Give me a price / Date:2020-06-19

In order to give our customers a better understanding of our waste tire pyorlysis plant manufacturing workshop, we shot this video. Through the video you can understand the general appearance of DOING production workshop.

The main material used in waste tire pyorlysis plant is steel. We have introduced advanced plasma cutting machine to cut steel with high automation and high cutting efficiency. Second is the welding process, our workers welding experience, skilled operation.You can see that in the video.

Another bright spot is the large number of waste tire pyorlysis plant parts and components stored in our workshop, as well as the tire pyrolysis reactor.

These are parts that have been produced and are waiting to be delivered, and some are materials that will be used in production orders that are already on the production schedule.

If you are shopping for waste tire pyrolysis plant, welcome to DOING Company to investigate, or you can leave a message on our website, tell us your specific requirements, and our project manager will contact you within 24 hours.