Why is the waste plastic pyrolysis plant so popular?

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The environmental pollution caused by waste plastics has been a headache due to the characteristics of hard to decompose, regular shape and difficult to handle. In recent years, waste plastic pyrolysis has become a new trend and is widely welcomed. In fact, the reasons why it is so popular are as follows.

waste plastic pyrolysis plantWaste plastic

1. High product utilization

After high temperature pyrolysis of waste plastics, they will produce pyrolysis oil, carbon black and combustible gases. The utilization rate of these products is very high, and there is a broad market, especially pyrolysis oil and carbon black. Pyrolysis oil is a new type of energy that can be used as fuel for many heavy-duty factories. Carbon black can be directly burned or ground into rubber tires and other products.

waste tire pyrolysis plantApplication of end products

2. Environmental protection

If we ignore waste plastics, it will cause serious pollution to our atmosphere, water quality, and land. Compared with direct combustion, waste plastic pyrolysis has much less environmental pollution. It is currently the most environmentally-friendly way to recycle waste plastics recognized by the academic circles and the industry, which can greatly solve the pollution problem caused by waste plastics. In addition, countries have emphasized environmental protection in recent years, the policy standards have been raised accordingly. Doing's waste plastic pyrolysis plant meets the environmental protection requirements of many countries.

waste tire pyrolysis plantEnvironmental protection system

3. Intelligent production process

As intelligence is pervasive in our lives, industrial production will also develop towards intelligence and automation. The full continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant adopts PLC automatic control system, which can realize continuous work 24 hours a day. It greatly saves manpower. The plant can automatically feed and discharge slag, forming a set of mature automated processes. Moreover, the automatic device can make it detect the danger in time and automatically disconnect it to ensure the operation of the plant and the safety of the workers.

waste tire pyrolysis plantFeeding automatically

Because waste plastic pyrolysis plant has many of the above advantages, it is welcomed by many companies. Doing's waste plastic pyrolysis plant is of good quality and has a high oil yield, it has always been at the leading level in the industry. Our factory also provides prototypes, if you want to know more, you can come and visit at any time.