Plastic pyrolysis oil market price

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waste plastic pyrolysis oil usage Plastic pyrolysis oil and diesel oil usage

Plastic pyrolysis oil is a new type of renewable energy source extracted from waste plastic using plastic pyrolysis plant. Plastic pyrolysis oil can be used for fuel oil in all aspects of our daily life. It can also be used to further refine and refine the plastic pyrolysis oil to obtain clean and transparent non-standard diesel oil. From this we can conclude that the plastic pyrolysis oil has a broad market prospect, the market price of tire pyrolysis oil is rising.

DOING waste plastic pyrolysis plant DOING company's plastic pyrolysisplantadvantage

Different countries, the price will also be different. However, as a renewable energy source, plastic pyrolysis oil is used in all aspacts of our daily life. It is undeniable that it can bring considerable profits to us.

On the basis of the same market price, DOING company's waste plastic pyrolysis plant has more advantages, these advantages are mainly reflected in the same tonnage of the equipment, a relatively high oil rate. This means that if you choose DOING company, is wise !!!

1. Vacuum device to provide negative pressure to drain oil and gas. Not only does it improve the oil yield, it is also an important safety device.

2. The most commonly used and most effective condenser in the oil industry. It can ensure that the pyrolysis oil and gas is fully cooled and the oil yield is high.

3. Oil-water separators can purify oil and gas and prevent oil and gas from flowing back. Increase oil yield.

DOING company provides you with technical guidance and solutions for refining plastic pyrolysis oil. Please contact us for details.