What is the feature of DOING continuous plastic pyrolysis plant?

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Nearly years, many customers have invested in plastic pyrolysis plants to dispose of waste plastics and make profits from it. As the market matures, customers have put forward higher requirements for efficiency and environmental protection, so DOING continuous plastic pyrolysis plant has been well received. Then we're going to talk about the feature of DOING continuous plastic pyrolysis plant and this is the reason why DOING continuous plastic pyrolysis plant are so popular at home and abroad.

continuous pyrolysis plantDOING continuous plastic pyrolysis plant

In general, DOING plastic pyrolysis plan can be divided into batch and continuous categories. Plastic batch type and continuous plastic pyrolysis plant work on the same principle, but continuous plastic pyrolysis plant have been further improvements in automation and environmental protection. Here are its features.

→ Stabilization

A: The pyrolysis reactor adopts automatic welding, which can not only greatly improve work efficiency but also ensure the quality of welding seam, so as to avoid explosion caused by oil gas leakage.

B: Special X-ray flaw detection technology to further ensure the perfect weld.

C: Negative pressure equipment can prevent oil gas flow back, avoiding risks.

D: Thermometers, manometers, stabilization valves and other adequate stabilization devices.

continuous pyrolysis plant

→ Environmental protection

A: Special water film dust removal system can make the tail gas reach international environmental standards.

B: The recycling tail gas can be used for heating reactor, so no gas pollution, and can save fuel.

C: The pyrolysis reactor is sealed with special sealing materials to avoid accidents.

plastic pyrolysis plantSealed continuous plastic pyrolysis plant

→ Long service life

A: The reactor material: Q245R special steel plate, thickness of 16mm.

B: Welding: automatic welding weld, X-ray flaw detection technology detection, maximum extend the service life of the reactor for around 8--10 years.

continuous plastic pyrolysis plantPyrolysis reactor

→ Energy saving

A: The system is well sealed, and no gas leakage, which can also save fuel.

B: The exhaust gas is recycled to heat reactor which can save fuel and cost.

The feature of continuous plastic pyrolysis plant we have talked about above are the reasons why it is widely favored by domestic and foreign customers. In the future, this project is still considerable. If you like this project, please contact with us immediately.