Waste plastic recycling to oil machine delivered to Zhoukou, China
On November 17th, we deliver one set 10T/D waste plastic recycling to oil machine, one set water type dedusting system and related accessories to Zhoukou,China.
Waste plastic to oil pyrolysis plant delivered to Henan, China
Waste plastic to oil pyrolysis plant was successfully delivered, purchased by a customer in Luoyang, Henan Province, with one set smoke cleaning and smell removal system.
DOING Company sincerely invites you to visit the International Trade Fair in Lagos!
Henan Doing Machinery will attend China Commodities Expo-Nigeria 2018 that will be held in Nigeria from November 6 to 9 where you can learn more about waste plastic pyrolysis plant. Looking forward to having a face to face communication with you!
How does China handle more than 200 million tons of domestic waste a year?
200 million tons of domestic garbage per year is a very amazing number. If it cannot be scientifically and reasonably handled quickly, it will endanger the ecological environment on which is closely to us.If we want to completely solve the problems caused
Affecting factors for the oil yield of waste plastic pyrolysis plant
Nowadays, more and more people come to consult our waste plastic pyrolysis plant. According to our statistics, most customers are most concerned about the problem of the oil rate of the equipment. So what problems should be paid attention to, and can impr
2 sets 10T/D waste plastic pyrolysis plant installed in Dali, Yunnan
Congratulations to the two sets of 10 tons of waste tire pyrolysis plant of Yunnan Dali customers under the guidance of our engineers. The installation of our customers' equipment has installed our newly developed wind conveying carbon black discharge sys