How to make money by recycling used tires?

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There are many used tires recycling ways, such as refurbishing used tires, processing used tires into rubber powder, pyrolyzing them into fuel, etc. And among them, pyrolyzing used tires into fuel oil is the most profitable recycling way.

The pyrolysis plant can process used tires into about 45% fuel oil, 30% industrial carbon black, 15% steel wire and 10% combustible gas, to achieve 100% environmental recovery of used tires. All these products obtained from used tires pyrolysis plant have wide uses and great economical value.

pyrolysis plantDOING company waste tyres pyrolysis plant

The calorific value of tire fuel oil is as high as10592.48kcal /kg, which are widely used in many cement plants, power plants, paper mills and steel mills as heating fuel in some European, Latin American and Asian countries. As for the carbon black and steel wire, you can directly sell them in the market or further process them to make money. So how much money we can obtain from a used tires pyrolysis plant?

pyrolysis plant How much money we can obtain from a used tires pyrolysis plant

Here Doing Company made a profit analysis of used tires pyrolysis plant for your reference:

Profit analysis(10TPD waste tyre pyrolysis plant)
Waste Tyre 10T*30USD/T =300USD
Electricity Consumption 30 USD
Heating fuel(tire oil) 0.4T*500USD/T=200USD
Manpower 3 Workers* 50USD = 150USD
Fuel Oil 4T* 500USD/T = 2000USD
Carbon Black 3T * 50USD/T=150USD
Steel Wires 1.5T* 215USD/T = 322.5 USD
Profit 1792.5USD

As we can see, it's really profitable to adopt pyrolysis plant to pyrolyze and recycle used tires, and it also solves the environmental problems caused by used tires. And it's worth mentioning that some national governments also provide financial incentives and subsidies for recycling used tires. It's the equivalent of recycling used tires to make more money.

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