Why choose the continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant to deal with waste tyres?
Now more and more people are paying attention to continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant, why people want to choose the continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant to deal with waste tyres? There are several reasons.
How does the waste tire pyrolysis plant deal with the waste gas generated in the production process?
DOING company's waste tire pyrolysis plant USES advanced pyrolysis technology to better turn waste tires into fuel oil. Moreover, the waste tire pyrolysis plant can specially process the smoke and harmful waste gas generated during the production process
Indian customer feedback on government issues latest report on tyre pyrolysis industry
On July 31, 2019, Indian government issued the status report on compliance of hazardous & other waste (management & transboundary movement) rules, 2016 and remedial measures in tyre pyrolysis industries. It has aroused a lot of people's concern.
How to convert plastic into fuel oil?
Converting plastic waste into fuel oil pyrolysis plant can convert waste plastics into fuel oil safely, economically and without pollution.
Why do we need to recycle plastic?
From the perspective of saving the earth's resources and protecting the earth's environment, we need to recycle waste plastics.
How much are scrap tires worth?
If you directly sell scrap tires, it may be worth few money. But if the tire is collected in bulk, and convert the scrap tires into tire pyrolysis oil, then the scrap tires worth will be immeasurable.