Welding process training to ensure the quality of waste tire pyrolysis equipment

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It is well known that welding technology plays an important role in the field of mechanical manufacturing, especially in the manufacturing of waste tire pyrolysis equipment. In early May 2019, DOING factory conducted welding process training for technicians.

waste tire pyrolysisWelding training is ongoing

Welding is a knowledge, more an art. Welding is a metal material surgeon. In the mechanical industry, welding is a very important professional, and it determines the quality of products.

As an important part of waste tire disposal, waste tire pyrolysis equipment should be improved in quality.

tire pyrolysis equipmentWelding training for waste tire pyrolysis equipment

DOING company strictly controls the quality of waste tire pyrolysis equipment, and also requires continuous improvement of the welding technology of factory employees.

For the training of welding technology, it is more guided by the site of the old master, the staff to learn by hand, the training efficiency of this way is very high.