The tyre packing machine ordered by American customer was delivered from Doing's factory!

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On February 16, 2022, the tyre packing machine ordered by American customer was successfully delivered from Doing factory after careful inspection and packing by the workers of Henan Doing Company. And after about one month, it is expected that the waste tyre packing machine will arrive in the the New Jersey of America smoothly.

tyre packing machine manufactured by Doing CompanyPacked tyre packing machine

The US customer placed the order on January 19, 2022, just as the Chinese New Year approached. After the Spring Festival holiday, our company's independent factory started the production of this set tyre packing machine immediately. It’s worth mentioning that the equipment production, performance testing, and the whole equipment and accessories packaging only took nearly half a month.

Doing Company has always been adhering to the concept of customers and quality first, producing and installing high-quality waste tyre/plastic recycling equipment for customers. And our machines are highly praised by customers from more than 90 countries and regions for its advantages of high quality, simple operation, low energy consumption and stable operation.

Waste tyre Pyrolysis recycling plantWaste tyre recycling plant

So if you also have waste tyre recycling business investing ideas, please don’t hesitate to inquiry us for professional advice and quotations of the waste tyre/plastic recycling equipment.