What’s the end products application from waste oil to diesel plant?

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Waste oil to diesel plant, firstly, we also name it as waste oil distillation plant, which is specially designed for refining crude or heavy or waste oil to clean diesel through a distillation & decolorization & deodorization system. The end products we get from the process is diesel and asphalt.

1) Diesel: The diesel product produced from the distillation plant, is a kind of clean fuel, similar functions like normal diesel used in our daily life, only a few features are little different. Usually we suggest customers to use this diesel product in heavy machinery, like farm machinery, heavy trucks, heavy fuel generators, etc. Also it could be directly used as heating fuel in any industrial factories without any concern.

fuel oil applicationsDiesel oil application

2) Asphalt: The asphalt product we get from the distillation process is the residues left inside the reactor after extract the light oil. It’s very heavy, like oil sludge, with the similar function like asphalt. So it could be directly used as asphalt in construction field, like road building. Also it could be sold to the asphalt refineries for further refining. Another solution is, if you have pyrolysis plant, you could put the distillation residues to the pyrolysis machine for further processing, thus to make fully oil extraction.

waste oil to dieselAsphalt application